Top court grants post-arrest bail to blasphemy suspect

Bench observes Christians never accused Muslims of blasphemy.

ISLAMABAD   -   The Supreme Court of Pakistan Tuesday accepted the bail applica­tion of an accused who allegedly committed blasphemy.

A two-member bench of the apex court, comprising Justice Qazi Faez Isa and Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah conducted hearing of the post-arrest bail of Salamat Man­sha Masih, who has been charged for blasphemy under Sections 295-A/295-B/295-C/34 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). He was accused of having preached Christianity to young Muslims and of having public­ly dishonoured Islam, the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at Model Town Park in Lahore.

The Supreme Court said that the State show responsibility in the cas­es of blasphemy in religion, and in such cases the police should protect the accused.

Justice Faez said that the punish­ment in blasphemy cases is death sentence. He said that one person commits blasphemy but we spread this in the whole world. He noted that the incident took place in a pub­lic park, but no one including the guard was made witness in this case.

Justice Mansoor noted that there is contradiction in the FIR, as the ac­cused has been declared as preach­er, while he is not a preacher.

Justice Faez enquired from the complainant counsel that why Paki­stan was come into being? The law­yer replied, “According to Quaid-e-Azam Pakistan is laboratory of Islam.” Justice Faez further asked him when Quaid-e-Azam had said it.

He remarked that many generals had stated many things in the past by taking name of Quaid, and told the counsel that he was doing the same. He further asked the coun­sel not to do it. Justice Faez said that Quaid-e-Azam said that everyone in Pakistan is free to go his worship place. He added that already the so­ciety is divided in the name of reli­gion and sects. East Pakistan sepa­rated and asked the counsel do not divide it further. He said that he nev­er heard that a Christian had filed blasphemy case against any Muslim.

The learned judge enquired from the complainant’s lawyer that what is the profession of the accused Salamat Masih. The counsel replied Salamat Masih is working as sweep­er in Lahore Waste Management Company. Upon that Justice Faez said, “We should be thankful to the Christians for cleaning the country.”

Salamat Masih is in jail since Janu­ary 4, 2021. Four students, who used to visit Lahore Model Town Park had got registered a blasphemy case against Salamat Masih.

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