A young man was killed by one of his own friends for filming TikTok videos of women working in the fields.

Police said that the young man was killed by his friend following a dispute over filming TikTok videos of women working in fields. The murderer used a sharp object to kill the young man and fled from the scene.

Police added that a murder case was lodged at Pacca Laran police station and raids were being conducted to arrest the accused.

Earlier in January, two minor TikTokers in Karachi who were arrested for killing a man while filming a video had claimed during interrogation that they accidentally killed the sole breadwinner for the family who came from Khairpur to his sister’s home.

In a video statement during the interrogation, one of the TikTokers Saeed had said that he studies in class eight while other suspects including Fazil and Ali study in class 9 and 10 respectively and Ismail has completed his matriculation.

“Four of us were on two motorbikes and I was sitting behind Ali while Ismail was behind Fazil,” he said and added that Ismail had opened fire which hit the man standing nearby and then all of them ran away to their homes.

Another suspect Fazil further had narrated that he was filming the entire episode to post it on TikTok to get more views. However, he said that after the incident, they got frightened and deleted the videos.

The police had said that the victim was the sole breadwinner having six children. “The pistol recovered from the children’s possession was not licensed and such weapons are commonly used by target killers,” they said adding that the police have recovered a spent casing of a 30-bore pistol besides also obtaining CCTV footage from nearby areas.”