Defence minister, PAF chief discuss regional security

ISLAMABAD  -  Caretaker Defence Minister Lt Gen (Retd) An­war Ali Hyder paid a visit to Air Headquarters Is­lamabad on Wednesday where he had a produc­tive meeting with Air Chief Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu. During the meeting, matters pertaining to evolving geo-strategic environment and regional security situation were discussed. 

According to a press release, the Air Chief gave a briefing on Pakistan Air Force’s modernisation plan and recent acquisitions from allied coun­tries, aimed at ensuring an impregnable aerial defence of the country. He also provided a com­prehensive briefing to the visiting dignitary on the Pakistan Air Force’s operational construct, force goals and plans for the force structure with a keen focus on future warfare. The Air Chief highlighted the steps taken by the Pakistan Air Force to revamp the training of its personnel, equipping them to effectively tackle contempo­rary challenges. Emphasising the importance of adapting to evolving security dynamics, the Air Chief also shared insights into the rigorous train­ing programmes and cutting-edge technologies being implemented within the PAF. Highlight­ing PAF’s commitment to staying at the forefront of modern warfare, Chief of the Air Staff empha­sised the importance of multispectrum opera­tions in the domains of space, cyber and artifi­cial intelligence.

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