Getting info from institutions right of journalist: Justice Isa

ISLAMABAD  -  Justice Qazi Faez Isa, a senior puisne judge of the Supreme Court, on Wednesday said that a journalist has a right to get information from all in­stitutions, including the apex court and the government departments. 

The Chief Justice-designate ex­pressed these views while address­ing the oath taking ceremony of the cabinet of the Press Association of the Supreme Court at the SC build­ing. Justice Faez, who will take oath as the next Chief Justice of Pakistan on September 17, 2023, said respon­sible journalism was the need of the hour and it creates a good impres­sion on the society. 

“Journalists and judges are always looking for the truth, telling the truth is not a difficult task, it is diffi­cult to remember a lie. Yes, the truth is easy to remember,” he stated. He said that freedom of expression and access to information are the funda­mental rights of every citizen. Jus­tice Faez said the purpose of all laws was to bring out the truth and jus­tice was done on the basis of truth.

He said when the decision comes, any party could say the decision was good or bad. A visible differ­ence between news and opinion is important. Opinion can be dis­agreed with while no one can dis­agree with the facts.The senior puisne judge said that in all religions of the world, truth had been priori­tised. The Holly Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was asked whether a believer can be a liar or not, and the Prophet (peace be upon him) replied no.’ “The truth was important even before Islam and it is in the Bible that truth lib­erates,” he explained. He further said the Constitution mentioned free press and a journalist was someone who conveys truthful news.

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