Institute of Business Administration’s Innovation Hub hosts meeting

KARACHI-The Institute of Business Administration’s Innovation Hub, in a landmark gathering of its committee members, convened to set forth an exciting and ambitious roadmap for its future endeavors. The meeting centered around two core themes – Vision Immersion for the City Campus of IBA as an Innovation Hub, and Strategies for Incorporating Innovation – showcased the institution’s commitment to driving positive change, fostering a culture of innovation, and positioning itself as a beacon of excellence.
After an insightful vision crafting activity and discussion Think Innovation, Think IBA is the mutually decided vision statement which will be built upon with time. Addressing the importance of both Main and City Campuses, the committee emphasized the potential of the City Campus as an innovation hub of the future. The central accessibility of the City Campus positions it as a starting point, facilitating engagement with corporate partners and optimizing underutilized resources. The committee recognized five fundamental pillars to underpin the Innovation Hub’s growth:
Culture of Innovation and Creativity will lead to breaking down silos, fostering a culture of creativity, and embracing a spirit of innovation by facilitating collaboration, exhilarating synergies through both internal and external stakeholders. The committee also aims to forge strategic alliances with industries, government sectors, businesses, and national/international universities to promote joint research and consultancy opportunities, to create an innovative solution to the existing problems of society. One of the main objectives of the committee was resource optimization and growth to empowerstudents and staff/faculty by unlocking the potential of resources, extending facilities, and engaging external funding partners. The emphasis was also on data democratization to ensure transparent information flow from top to bottom, aligning all stakeholders with the institution’s goals for greater good.
The committee identified various actionable points to implement these strategies, including centralizing networking efforts, creating a centralized portal and activity calendar, fostering sustainability in innovation, and promoting student-led courses. The importance of offering students more freedom and autonomy in their academic pursuits was also highlighted. While this meeting has laid the groundwork for a transformative journey, the committee acknowledges that this is only the beginning. The various ideas will be developed into a cohesive action plan over time, with dedicated teams working to refine and implement these initiatives. The vision set forth in this meeting represents a commitment to shaping future, fostering innovation, and fostering a dynamic and inclusive community within and outside IBA. The institution stands ready to embrace change and lead the way towards a brighter tomorrow.

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