Iranian envoy vows to focus enhanced cooperation in trade, countering terrorism, narco trade

Islamabad - Ambassador of the Islamic Re- public of Iran, Reza Ami- ri-Moghaddam here on Wednesday vowed to focus on increasing bilateral coop- eration with Pakistan in the areas of trade, countering transnational terrorism and narcotics control for mu- tually beneficial ties. In his maiden public appearance, the Iranian envoy delivered a candid speech at the dia- logue titled Iran-Pakistan Relations in the New Era, organized by the Institute for Policy Research (IPRI). Ambassador Moghaddam extended his gratitude to the Institute for convening an important dialogue on a per- tinent topic which was coin- cided with the rapidly chang- ing developments in the region and also between the two brotherly countries. Highlighting the impor- tance of the joint frontiers of the two nations, he said, “I accepted my assignment in these circumstances after reading and understanding the challenges and opportu- nities. The government of Is- lamic Republic of Iran during President Raisi’s tenure gave priority to close cooperation with the neighbouring coun- tries. Pakistan has been spe- cial for us as our neighbour- ing country, he expressed.

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