PHDEC hosts another webinar

LAHORE-The Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company (PHDEC) has embarked on a dynamic revival journey, unveiling its ambitious 3-year Work Plan in a decisive move to rejuvenate the horticulture sector. With resolute determination, PHDEC has responded to the recent crisis faced by onion growers in the districts of Tando Allahyar and Matiari, setting a remarkable precedent for swift action and proactive solutions. A fungal, bacterial, and soil-borne disease emerged as a grave threat, jeopardizing nearly 50% of the onion crop in the aforementioned districts. Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, PHDEC demonstrated its commitment to the farmers’ welfare and the horticulture industry at large. Collaborating with the esteemed scientists from the Plant Disease Research Institute Tando Jam, a comprehensive survey of the affected regions was conducted to formulate effective strategies. In a significant stride toward knowledge dissemination and community engagement, PHDEC hosted an enlightening Zoom webinar addressing this pressing issue. Khalid Iqbal Rajput, a distinguished authority in the field, captivated the audience with insights into the disease’s causative factors, corrective measures, and forward-looking strategies to avert similar crises in the future. The virtual gathering attracted a significant number of growers and farmers not only from the impacted areas but also from adjoining regions, attesting to the widespread concern. Athar Hussain Khokhar, the CEO of PHDEC, extended a warm welcome to the participants, providing valuable context on PHDEC’s instrumental role in the horticulture sector and its expansive mandate. He emphasized that PHDEC’s commitment remains steadfast in supporting initiatives that bolster the prosperity and well-being of horticulture cultivators and farmers.

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