PM launches monsoon tree plantation campaign

ISLAMABAD  -    Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar on Wednesday launched the monsoon tree plantation campaign as part of the "Green Pakistan Programme 2023" by planting a sapling here.

Speaking on the occasion, the prime minister stressed to work with national spirit beyond politics to deal with the climate change issues. He said effective measures were inevitable to protect against the negative impacts of climate change. He maintained that despite the fact that its share in the global emission of greenhouse gases was less than one percent, Pakistan had been the most affected by the climate change.

He said Islam taught the rights of Almighty Allah, human beings and the plants, therefore, “We need to value these blessings”. The prime minister said pollution and other factors affecting the environment had negative impacts, such as floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters. He called upon the leadership of political parties and civil society to make efforts for addressing the climate change issue on priority. The international community should also play its role to avert the negative effects of climate change, the prime minister added. On the occasion, the prime minister was informed during a briefing that this year, a total of 11 million saplings would be planted across the country under the monsoon plantation campaign. “This year, 13.98 million saplings were planted across the country under the Spring Plantation Campaign.” The prime minister was informed that the Ministry of Climate Change, in collaboration with the Provincial Forestry Department was taking steps to create awareness about the importance of plantation campaigns.

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