ISLAMABAD - Na­tional Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser Wednesday said that socio-economic, employment and ground water impact of the Ghazi Barotha Hydro Power Project be assessed at the earliest. He said amelio­rating the hardships of the effectees of this proj­ect must be the priority of the concerned govern­ment agencies as people’s lives and livelihood is directly attached to this project. He expressed these views while chair­ing the meeting regarding the issues faced by affect­ees of the Ghazi Baro­tha Hydro Project here. The Speaker stressed the need to increase the quantity of water at the area as employ­ment of major chunk of local population was attached with fishery and agriculture. He said that the present 1000 cusec water is not up-to the local needs. He said that water availability to the affectees of Ghazi Barotha Hydro project is imperative especially till this February as cultiva­tion season would start. Qaiser also mentioned that ground water level is also decreasing in the area and directed to pace up the issue of establish­ment of water Park.