I am writing this letter to express my concerns about ensuring the smooth functioning of Karachi Port Trust’s (KPT) everyday operations. The strained relationship between Chairman KPT and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs has grown to the extent where ports’ operations are seriously compromised. Owing to lack of tugboats, cancellation and delayed vessels’ movement has become the norm. KPT owns a total of five tugboats not to mention in a dilapidated state, which is a safety concern not only for vessels’ operations but as well as for the employees.

Furthermore, it is also increasingly difficult to understand the unreasonable restrictions being placed on KPT, every proposal sent by KPT is rejected.

Due to a rift between both the authorities, the daily port operations in Karachi port is facing a lot of problems. Keeping the national interest ahead, earliest acquisition of tugboats should be the paramount importance of sitting on top positions.