Rawalpindi-Police on Wednesday issued their annual report of the breakdown of crimes, arrests and recoveries made by the department during the year 2020.

According to police spokesman SI Sajjad Ul Hassan, the cops have nabbed 9207 criminals involved in different crimes and recovered looted items worth Rs 370.61 million from their possession.

An action against organised gangs/gangsters led to arrest of a total of 563 criminals including Taji Khokhar, Farrukh Khokhar, Saeen Inam, Wali Jan, Shani Terror and Chaudhry Mudassir, he said.

Police also launched a massive crackdown against the auto theft gangs across the district and recovered 1468 motorcycles and 247 vehicles by imprisoning scores of car lifters, he added.

The investigators of various police stations have also arrested suspects numbering 1200 and sent them to jail for identification parade, the spokesman said.

A special drive against drug mafia and illegal weapon holders by Rawalpindi police resulted in netting 5129 accused with registration of 5129 cases. While, narcotics and weapons worth millions of rupees have also been recovered.

As many as 283 cases of murder were reported during year 2020 while police held 601 accused. Some 429 cases of attempted murders were lodged with arrest of 749 accused, he mentioned.

Police rounded up some 1,746 persons and registered 717 cases on charges of injuring each other during fight and brawls. 

As many as 57 cases of dacoities were reported with various police stations and police managed to arrest 108 dacoits with recovery of looted items worth Rs 10.29 million. 2,483 cases of robberies have been lodged by police with arrest of 2,800 robbers. 340 incidents of street crimes took place, whereas, police managed to capture 323 criminals and seized valuables from their possession.

Street criminals also snatched 19 purses from citizens and police registered cases and held eight accused besides recovering cash and other valuables.

As many as 763 incidents of kidnappings were reported with police during the year 2020 and courts cancelled 480 cases. A total of six cases of kidnapping for ransom has been lodged by police and cops held 15 kidnappers. 

In the year 2020, some 44 cases of children kidnapping occurred and police held 24 kidnappers.

A total of 106 rape cases were lodged with different police stations and police rounded up some 125 rapists and produced them before courts, while 26 children were abused sexually in the district during 2020 and the police managed to arrest 29 child abusers.

He said police have also launched massive crackdown against the kite sellers/flyers and held 1,353 persons with recovery of 200,000 kites and 2,673 twines. 

He said City Police Officer Muhammad Ahsan Younas has taken stern action against the outlaws and ensured merit in solving all the cases.