The Pakistan Polio Eradication Programme has been fighting to end the crippling poliovirus for over 25 years. It is known to all that polio is a dangerous and crippling disease that is caused by the infection of poliovirus. As the virus continues to circulate, no child is safe.

Moreover, Pakistan is dealing with the rise of polio cases this year largely due to vaccine refusal by parents. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria are the only three countries left in the world where the poliovirus continues to threaten the health and well-being of children.

Throughout the year, the programme implements high-quality vaccination campaigns that aim to reach all children under the age of across Pakistan. These campaigns are implemented by 260,000 frontline health workers who go door-to-door to make sure that each and every child in Pakistan is administered the polio vaccine that protects them from the crippling poliovirus. We can only ensure polio eradication by the polio vaccine. The parents are highly requested to think about the upcoming generation. If they refuse now, more children are going to get polio in the upcoming years.