SUKKUR - Like other parts of the country, preparations were finalised to celebrate Christmas on December 25th in the Khairpur, Shikarpur, Ghotki and other districts of the northern Sindh. From decorated trees to candles, exchanging of gifts to cake cutting, the Christian community looked busy to mark the birth anniversary of Christ. Christmas preparations would reach on climax when jingling of bells and hymns at churches at the midnight of December 24 spread Joy to the world, the Christ was born. Christmas was two day away, the followers of Christ want the day to be celebrated as a special day all over the corner. The Christian fraternity looked busy buying different things like Christmas gifts, Christmas trees and happy Christmas cakes etc. The bazaars reflected hustle and bustle of the customers despite of escalating inflation that hit their purchase power badly. The administrators of Churches were doing arrangements so that the celebrators feel free not only to pray but enjoy too.