Peshawar - Pakistan Tahrik-e-Insaf (PTI) has clinched first position in terms of securing highest number of 7,89,000 votes in 45 tehsils during the recently held local bodies elections in 17 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to provincial consolidated results, PTI has left behind all other political and religious parties besides independents by securing the highest number of 7,89,000 votes in 45 tehsils during the first phase of the local bodies elections held in 17 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on December 19, 2021.

Similarly, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F, which clinched highest number of tehsil seats, stood runner up in terms of obtaining 7,55,000 votes and Awami National Party (ANP) with 4,66,000 votes grabbed third position respectively.

Likewise, PML-N has won fourth position with 2,67,000 votes, Jamaat-e-Islami clinched fifth position with 2,38,000 votes and Pakistan People’s Party bagged sixth position by obtaining 2,30,000 votes in these tehsils.

In Buner district, four tehsils were won by PTI candidates. Buner’s Tehsil Daggar was clinched by Rozi Khan (PTI) with 9,464 votes, tehsil Gagra by Syed Salar Khan (PTI) with 11,414 votes, tehsil Gadezai by Sher Alam Khan (PTI) with 11,505 votes, tehsil Chagarzai by Sharif Khan (PTI) with 8,055 votes and tehsil Mandanr by Naseed Khan of ANP with 8,285 votes respectively.

Tehsil Chota Lahore in Swabi district was clinched by Adil Khan of PML-N with 22,036 votes, tehsil Razar by Ghulam Haqqani (ANP) with 52,271 votes, tehsil Swabi by Ataullah Khan (PTI) with 29,363 votes and tehsil Topi by Mohammad Raheem (JUI-F) with 25,110 votes.

Tehsil Rustam in Mardan was won by Mubarak Ahmad (JUI-F) with 16,887 votes, tehsil Garhai Kapora by Bakhtawar Khan (ANP) with 20,244 votes, tehsil Takhat Bhai by Mohammad Saeed (JUI-F) with 45,881 votes, tehsil City Council by Hamayatullah Mayar (ANP) with 56,458 votes, and tehsil Katlang by Hamadullah (JUI-F) with 30474, votes.

Tehsil Shabqadar of Charsadda district was clinched by Hamza Asif (JUI-F) with 33,204 votes, tehsil Charsadda by Abdur Rauf (JUI-F) 78,2012 votes and tehsil Tangi by Fayyaz Ali (independent) 14,189 votes.

Tehsil Lower Mohmand was secured by Naveed Ahmed (PTI) with 7,931 votes and tehsil Bezai by Bismillah Jan (JUI-F) with 4,788 votes in Mohmand tribal district.

In Peshawar, tehsil Mathra was bagged by Faridullah Khan (JUI-F) with 22,000 votes, tehsil Chamkani by Arbab Mohamamd Umer Khan of ANP with 24,415 votes, tehsil Shah Alam by Kaleem Ullah with 21,678, tehsil Badaber by Tila Mohammad (JUI-F) 13,454 votes and tehsil Hassan Khel by Hafeezur Rehman (PTI) 6,518 votes.

Irfanullah Durrani of JUI-F emerged victorious in tehsil Bannu City by securing 59,844 votes while tehsil Wazir was won by Mastu Khan (JUI-F) with 9,228 votes, tehsil Kaki by Junaid-ur-Rashid (PTI) with 4,814 votes, and tehsil Miryan by Kamal Shah (INP) with 13,233 votes.

Tehsil Jandola in Tank district was clinched by Bahadur Khan (JUI-F) with 2,310 votes, while tehsil Tank City by Saddam Hussain (JUI-F) with 36,415 votes. Tehsil Jamrud was clinched by Syed Nawaz (TIP) with 9,398 votes in Khyber tribal district.

District Haripur’s tehsils Khanpur, Ghazi and Haripur City were won by Raja Haroon Sikandar of (PML-N) with 33,700 votes, Mohammad Qasim Shah (PML-N) with 16,583 votes and Sameeullah Khan (INP) 89,461 votes respectively.

Tehsil Kohat City was won by Sher Zaman (JUI-F) with 34,434 votes while tehsil Lachi was secured by Independent Mohammad Ahsan with 8,704, votes and tehsil Gumbat by Sajid Iqbal (PTI) 15,021 votes in Kohat district. 

Amir Ghani (independent) with 19,230 votes secured victory at tehsil Hangu City while Imran Mohammad (JUI-F) with 13,130 votes elected as chairman tehsil Thall in Hangu district.

Tehsils Parora, Daraban, Pahahrpur, Kulachi and Darazinda in D I Khan were won by Fakharullah Khan (INP) with 23,346 votes, Ehsanullah Khan (JI) with 16,420 votes, Makhdoom Altaf Hussain Shah (PPP) with 37,302 votes, Araiz Khan Gandapur (PTI) with 10,236 votes and Izat Gul (INP) with 3,154 votes respectively.

PTI’s Muhammad Ishaq Khan Khattak with 49,084 votes secured victory at tehsil Nowshera while Ghafoor Khattak of ANP with 27,530 votes clinched tehsil Pabbi seat while tehsil Jehangira was won by Kamran Raziq Khan (PTI) with 32,617 votes in Nowshera district.