Terror Hydra

2023 has marked appalling terroristic recrudescence in Pakistan. This uptick dates back to NATO’s evacuation from Afghanistan -- leaving behind huge weaponry –and Pakistan’s subsequent appeasement policy. The appeasement policy contained no-holds-barred entry for the dismounted militants. The militant groups reestablished themselves in the tribal areas, in effect, their sleeper cells across the country energized.
Since January 2023, 82 terrorist attacks have subsisted, decapitating swathes of innocents as a corollary. In the face of upcoming general elections, mounting terrorism is much of a concern. This much escalating law and order situation poses a significant threat to fair and peaceful elections. Elections during such a lean period may overshadow its validity. Economic heralds, on other hand, bespeak 128.1 USD bn external debt, in tandem with debt repayment incapacity. Pakistan, with a battering economy, can ill afford fuss on electoral process. Global scenario though draws horrendous picture of belligerence and hedging. Ever since Hamas-Israel war, American tilt towards Israel’s unwarranted interests is enviable. American attitude towards Pakistan’s atrophied economic condition and rundown security is nothing short of hedging, while Pakistan has been U.S ally.
The propriety, however, demands active American role in securing vital interests of Pakistan. Discussible, too, is political instability and polarization in the wake of general elections. Political parties have been impotent to evolve consensus even on appointment of election date, drifting Supreme Court into the political thicket. General elections in Pakistan are set to be held on 8th Feburary 2024, amidst sky high accusations of political gerrymandering. All the parties pose aggressive tack, representing tacky publicity stunts to earn power. These parties appear unable to provide any tangible solutions to the issue. In such a challenging scenario, the role of military becomes multi-faceted: managing pre-election security and maintaining that of election-day. Persisting caretaker is itself a throttle to overcome terror resurgence.
The upcoming elected government has to confront a host of issues, ranging from crippling terror, tempestuous inflation to deepened political polarization. Pakistan is, now, reported on table with these militants to settle the issue. It is naïve to expect any positivity from such ruthless elements, however. Urgency lies in purging the terror-hit areas by taking drastic measures. The duty to ensure regional peace does lie upon Afghan regime, deterring militant groups from operation.
At last, a common cause of ever terror resurgence has been post-military action strategic laxity, making militants return their settled areas. Pakistan needs to choreograph such an effective terror-purging policy that may prevent resuacitation of militancy. Also, Political sensibility is paramount to jolting country out of electoral uncertainty and that of many more.

The writer is a student of law. He can be reached at abdulmoiz1219@icloud.com

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