PUBG, an online game, is the most common one played by people in Pakistan as well as all over the world. However, due to certain actions and moves in the game that are psychologically harmful, Chinese and Indian governments have banned this game in their countries. Besides, the children who are addicted to playing PUBG Game have shown symptoms of unacceptable social behaviour. For instance, prolonged exposure to the game make children always think about war situations and battles. Moreover, they stop empathising with fellow beings, nor do they intend to help their peers in the time of need. According to the world health organisation’s 2018 report, addiction to games is a mental disorder.

Furthermore, people who played PUBG game also suffered from such problems as strain on the eyes, migraine and obesity. Also, the game is one of the leading causes of poor sleep and exposure to inhaling drugs. A weird fact is that there is a separate hospital for PUBG addicts in India. We cannot afford another burden on the national health in the form of PUBG addiction. Therefore, the government of Pakistan should ban the game as soon as possible.