In a changing world order, national security has become a debatable phenomenon because of its dynamic nature and globalization. It is extremely important for nations, including Pakistan, to evolve and proclaim their strategies to strengthen their national security covering all aspects of them.

Pakistan has also announced the new National Security Policy 2022-2026, by taking into account the perspectives of across the board national security, economic stability and military security. Geo-strategically, Pakistan has threats mostly from its borders, emanating mostly from India. Hence a vigorous military infrastructure has become the need of the hour for Pakistan, undoubtedly Pakistan has had to maintain security equilibrium at home as well as at borders since its creation. It is indeed a big hike that citizens along with economic rehabilitation have been termed as a polestar of NSP. Examining the remarkable transformation of economic prosperity by the EU, most recently China and Vietnam placed the economy at the core of their national policy and have opened new routes for their people and raised the height of their citizens.

Pakistan’s economy has been suffering from several fundamental problems, as it suffers from debt, low accumulation, low productivity and low-value addition. National security and economic growth go hand in hand. One view is that if this umbrella document is implemented in true letter and spirit, it will contribute greatly to a stable, self-sufficient and peaceful economic power.


Nankana Sahib.