QUETTA - Chief Secretary (CS) Balochistan Mathar Niaz Rana and Chief Secretary Sindh Mumtaz Ali Shah held a virtual meeting on the issue of water scarcity in Balochistan on Wednesday.

During the meeting, both officials agreed to resolve the water issue of Balochistan and Sindh through mutual consultation and mutual negotiation and it was decided that the provinces would respect each others right and interest of water.

The Chief Secretary Balochistan said that the shortage of water in Balochistan is having a profound negative impact on the agriculture and economy of the province. “The farmers are very much concerned about this situation as most of the population of the province is dependent on agriculture and water”, he said.

He said that the only agricultural belt in Balochistan is Naseerabad division adjacent to Sindh, where water from Sindh is relied upon for agriculture.

However, due to lack of water from Sindh to Balochistan, farmers are suffering difficulties. He also noted that the Sindh government should ensure full supply of water to Balochistan so that the cultivators do not face any difficulties.

In the meeting, the Chief Secretary Sindh assured that ‘from today Balochistan would get its full share of water and the two provinces would form a joint monitoring team which would monitor the flow of water on a daily basis’.

Secretary Irrigation Balochistan Abdul Fateh Bhangar, Secretary Irrigation Sindh and others were also present on the occasion.