ISLAMABAD - MQM-P, the important allied partner of PTI’s government, has opposed the recently introduced PECA ordinance.

The decision came at a time by the coalition partner when the opposition parties are set to move a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan and launch anti-government long march.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, after his visit in Russia, is likely to visit Bahadurabad (MQM-P’s headquarter) to discuss different matters related to long march and no-confidence motion.

MQM-P’s senior member and Minister for Information Technology (IT) has written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan saying that the government had not taken the stakeholders into confidence over the PECA amendments.

In the letter, Aminul Haq said that his party was not agreed with the recently introduced PECA amendments. “The absence of interpretation of the fake news in the legislation and non-bailable arrest is spreading unrest,” the letter read.

The legislation could have become better if opinion would have been invited from the media organizations and experts, the IT minister said.

“Media is the fourth pillar of the state and every government enjoys its relations with media,” the letter read.

“We are allies, but belong to an organization struggling for the rights of the people. We could not support these laws at any cost,” the minister writes.

“This amendment ordinance is a threat to the people’s support to the government and also against the freedom of expression,” the letter read.

“Hopefully, the government will make fresh amendments after consulting stakeholders,” the letter concludes.