ISLAMABAD - Online cab driving becomes another source of income among females in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi as they need to satisfy their children and family livelihood.

Talking to APP, A female cab driver Noreen Masood mother of five children said, “Her husband health seriously ill and there was no one in her family to run the house.

Noreen said that she joined this driving job a month ago and initially faced many problems with being a female cab driver”.

“My family lives in Multan, so they don’t know what kind of a job I am doing. I have strictly asked my children not to tell any relative during our visit to our hometown,” she said.

Noreen fears that her relatives would not allow her to continue her job as she believes opting for this job is taboo in her family. Earlier, her husband was also hesitant to let her do this job, however, due to financial crises; he had no other option as Noreen didn’t have any degree to do some other ‘honourable’ job.

Noreen told that male commuters were more interested to know why she was doing this job in a society where harassment, rape, abduction, and other gender-based violations were on the rise.

Noreen avoids taking a ride to remote areas of Islamabad in the late evening due to her fears, which also affect her performance and income.

She was hesitant to complain to her office as she feared she can lose this job, which is giving her a handsome amount of around Rs50,000 per month.

This cab service has provided a golden opportunity to these poor or middle-class women to earn a handsome amount to run their homes. Most women and girls interviewed had not much educational qualification to get a job, mostly had matriculation or an FA degree, which is not enough to get a good salary.