ISLAMABAD - The Central Executive Committee of PTI yesterday decided to cancel the party’s basic membership and file a disqualification reference against those ruling party parliamentarians who would defect to opposition at the time of voting on the no-confidence motion in the National Assembly.

"We have made a strategy to counter the no-confidence motion by the opposition through all means," said PTI senior leader and defence Minister Pervez Khattak at a press conference after the PTI CEC meeting here.

The meeting took place with Prime Minister Imran Khan in the chair. The PM was briefed about the possible filing of the no-confidence motion against him. Khattak said it was not that easy to bring the no-confidence motion against the government as ‘PTI is not sleeping’.

Sources said the PM directed the party leadership to remain vigilant against any such move by the opposition against him. On the occasion, the issue of MPs loyal to Jehangir Tareen also came under discussion.

Pervez Khattak expressed the confidence that no-trust moton would fail in the parliament. "First, I would say the opposition is not serious in moving the no-confidence motion against the government and it’s only deception and pressure tactics,” he remarked. He disclosed that the meeting decided that if any PTI MNA defects, his/her party membership would be cancelled and a disqualification reference would be filed against such MPs.

"There is no threat to PM Imran and he would complete his five-year tenure as allies are with him," Khattak said. The PTI CEC approved the next phase of a mass contact campaign by the prime minister in Punjab and KP and Sindh. The meeting also discussed the PTI’s relationship with its allied parties and decided to reach out to them to make their alliance stronger. Prime Minister Imran Khan directed the party leadership to keep in touch with the party MPs and remove their reservations if any on an urgent basis.