LAHORE - The biggest reason for disability of patients in Pakistan is a rapid increase in stroke which causes blood clots in veins of human brain. These views were expressed by Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute & Ameer Uddin Medical College Professor Dr Sardar Muhammad Al-freed Zafar while addressing a seminar organised by stroke Neurologist Professor Dr Abubakar Siddique on treatment of paralysis and provision of facilities for the disease in the country at Acute Stroke Unit, Lahore General Hospital here on Wednesday. Dr Zafar said high blood-pressure, prevalence of diabetes, social problems, domestic conflicts and anxiety could affect mental health in the society.

On the occasion, a renowned doctor from the United States, Dr Fareed Khan Suri, said that stroke was common in countries of third world which was mainly caused by blockage or rupture of blood clots.”For such people, it is a difficult step to bear the heavy cost of medical treatment,” he added and said that people should change their daily routines to avoid it. He said that one person in every 10 seconds suffered from this disease worldwide and every year about 1 crore and 60 lakh people were suffering due to stroke while the risk of stroke was higher in women according to the medical experts.

A large number of health professionals attended the seminar.