Govt should ensure transparency inquiry of Barkhan tragedy for justice: Karim

QUETTA       -    Pakistan Muslim League (N) senior Leader Chaudhry Naeem Karim said that Balochistan was a tradi­tional province with its own culture and civilisation. In a statement issued here on Thursday, he said that keeping these traditions in mind, the recent tragedy of Barkhan was a blow to the traditions of Balochistan and all people feel sorrow and reservations about it. He said that Sardars and Nawabs have a special re­spect in Balochistan soci­ety, so there, special im­portance was given to the sanctity of the woman and her dupatta or shawl saying that wars and blood were forgiven for the sake of a woman’s dupatta. In order to control the situation in the province, the current provincial government should prove its neutral­ity by examining all aspects and punishing the wrong­doers according to law and justice, he said. He said that the inquiry should be completed very carefully so that justice prevails in the province and transparency was seen in it so that no one could violate the traditions of Balochistan in the future.

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