UK Chargé d’Affaires meets Ukrainian envoy to show support for Ukraine

Both sides discuss effects of war on Pakistan’s economy and food and energy requirements

ISLAMABAD    -    Chargé d’Affaires at the British High Commission Islamabad Andrew Dalgleish and Defence Adviser Brigadier Simon Wad­dington met with Ambassador of Ukraine Markiian Chuchuk and Defence Attaché Colonel Serhii Dolenko ahead of one-year anniversary of the Rus­sian invasion of Ukraine and expressed their solidarity. The two sides discussed the global impacts the war has had, in­cluding effects on Pakistan’s economy and food and energy requirements. British Chargé d’Affaires Andrew Dalgleish, while reaffirming the UK’s strong commitment to help Ukraine win the war, said, “The UK and our international part­ners stand united in condemn­ing Russia’s aggression against a free and democratic country, targeting of homes and com­mitting human rights viola­tions.” “Russia’s blatant viola­tion of the UN Charter must not go unanswered, otherwise it opens the door for other states’ territorial integrity and sover­eignty to be attacked. UK will continue to do everything pos­sible to help Ukraine.” Ukrai­nian Ambassador Markiian Chuchuk said, “Russia denies the legitimacy of Ukraine as a sovereign state and seeks to destroy Ukrainian statehood by waging a highly intensive war on Ukrainian territory, killing many civilians, including women and children. “Peace will come only after Ukraine’s territorial in­tegrity has been fully restored within its internationally recog­nized borders,” he added

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