6-days training workshop on impact evaluation of public sector projects

LAHORE  -  A six-day training workshop on impact evaluation of pub­lic sector projects was orga­nized by the Department of Architectural Engineering & Design of the University of Engineering and Technol­ogy, Lahore. This workshop, focusing on both theory and practice, took place at a lo­cal hotel and was tailored for officers from the Plan­ning and Development (P&D) Department. Distinguished researchers, trainers, and re­source persons were enlisted to facilitate the workshop, in­cluding Dr. Rab Nawaz Lodhi, Associate Professor, Dr. Nau­man Ali, and Dr. Muhammad Naveed Tahir from the Uni­versity of Punjab. 

Ghazanfar Mubin and Ka­shif Saeed provided valu­able insights into the sig­nificance of monitoring and evaluation, along with their methodologies and appli­cations in public sector de­velopment projects. Dr. Saj­jad Mubin, Chairman of the Department of Architectural Engineering and Design, un­derscored the pivotal role of evaluations in a developing nation like Pakistan. With limited resources and esca­lating demands for services and social benefits, evalua­tions serve as guiding tools to make informed decisions, prioritize needs, and gauge the outcomes of endeavors. Ultimately, they contribute to a systematic economic uplift, particularly within the build­ing industry, he added.

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