Eco imperative

PPPP chairman Bilawal Bhut­to Zardari, during his election campaign on January 29, 2024, while answering students’ ques­tions, stated, “Till 2050, Pakistan’s most significant issue is climate change.” This highlights the im­portance of the phrase “climate change” at both national and in­ternational levels.

The people of Pakistan have en­dured numerous crises and mi­grations since 2003, particularly in the Sindh province in 2010 and 2022, due to climate change. In­ternationally, this topic holds sig­nificance as governments garner substantial funding from the glob­al community to combat climate change and promote afforestation.

Climate change is exacerbat­ing vulnerabilities and risks for the rural population, constitut­ing 61% of Pakistan’s total pop­ulation. Not only does this popu­lation feed the entire nation, but climate change is also impacting Pakistan’s economy.

Despite billions of dollars being allocated by governments inter­nationally to preserve the ecosys­tem, there is still a pressing need to reduce carbon emissions, es­pecially from China and the USA, rather than relying solely on fi­nancial contributions.

This is a humble plea that the upcoming government incorpo­rates climate change into its state or national agenda. The earth and its ecosystem are integral to var­ious aspects of life, including pol­itics, funding, and livelihoods. Without a sustainable ecosystem, these activities become untenable, as the earth remains the sole habi­tat capable of sustaining life.



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