Electoral watchdog clears three candidates from Islamabad

ISLAMABAD   -  Though the PTI indicating to chal­lenge February08 polls in Supreme Court, the top electoral watchdog yesterday cleared three candidates from Islamabad rejecting objections by opponents backed by PTI.

The Election Commission of Paki­stan (ECP) , removing the objections, notified the victories in the favour of candidates Anjum Aqeel, Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, and Raja Khurram Nawaz.

All three candidates contested elections over the ticket of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz from constit­uencies includes NA-46, NA-47 and NA-48. The PTI had earlier moved the Islamabad High Court (IHC), challenging the notification issued by ECP in the favour these candidates. “In pursu­ance of the Islamabad High Court order dated 19-02-2024 an injunctive order was passed whereby the operation of Notification No F.2(5)/2024-Cord. dat­ed 11-02-2024 of returned candidates of the constitu­encies No NA-46 ICT-I, NA-47 ICT-II and NA-48 ICT-III was suspended. The Hon’ble High Court has de­cided the petition vide or­der dated 21-02-2024 ex­pressly subject to the final decision of the pending Election petitions,” it stat­ed. “Now the Commission (ECP)after hearing the par­ties has finally disposed of the petitions filed by Aamer Masood contesting candi­date NA-46 ICT-I, Shoib Sha­heen contesting candidate NA-47 ICT-II, and Syed Mu­hammad Ali Bokhari, Mus­tafa Nawaz Khokhar, Ch. Azhar Mehmood contesting candidates NA-48 ICT-Ill, in light of the order passed by the Islamabad High Court.

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