IMF has no mandate to interfere in elections: PPP

Sherry Rehman rejects PTI letter to IMF

Bukhari says Imran Khan betrayed the nation.

ISLAMABAD  -  Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) yester­day said the International Monetary Fund has no mandate to interfere in a country’s elections. The party blasted the reports of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s letter to the IMF.

Senator Sherry Rehman, PPP Vice President voiced strong reservations regarding reports of Imran Khan’s letter. Sherry Rehman said, “Accord­ing to media reports, Imran Khan has confirmed writing a letter to the IMF. We strongly condemn his attempt to sabotage future IMF program. The motivation and purpose behind sending a letter to an international lender raises serious questions.”

She added: “Is it not a violation of laws and ethical standards to invite the IMF to intervene in Pakistan’s in­ternal matters? Especially consider­ing that the IMF has no mandate to interfere in the general elections of a country,” she said. Sherry Rehman said previous Imran Khan-led gov­ernment procured unprecedented loans, prompting concerns about their apparent disregard for poverty and inflation during that period.

“He had previously left the coun­try on the brink of default, and the PDM government faced challenges in stabilizing the economy because of disastrous economic decisions. Imran Khan appears to be once again jeopardizing the economy for his personal political interests. It seems that the leadership of PTI is yet to learn from its past mistakes,” Sherry Rehman contended. PPP Parliamentarians Secretary General Nayyar Bukhari meanwhile declared Imran Khan a betrayer to the nation. “No patriot in politics can engage in such heinous acts against their own country. Writing a letter to IMF dur­ing budgeting period to establish the country as IMF headquarters is now proof of his mindset,” he added.

Bukhari said by inviting IMF to in­tervene in country’s internal affairs is synonymous with treason. “Writ­ing a letter to IMF from the side of PTI is a dangerous conspiracy. The ugly face of those dividing national security institutions and instigat­ing the responsible ones has come to light,” he said. Bukhari mentioned that the nation was well aware that PTI had left the national economy in shambles with strict conditions dur­ing their tenure. “The coalition gov­ernment had cleaned up the mess of economic destruction caused by Imran Khan. He imposed inflation on the people pushing them below the poverty line,” the PPP leader said.

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