Imran’s letter to IMF may be ignored

ISLAMABAD   -  The founder of PTI imran Khan letter written to IMF is al­though damaging for the country but it may not have any adverse impact on Pakistan economic and political affairs as it is likely to be ignored by IMF. 

The letter is an at­tempt to inflict irrep­arable damage to the country, the founder of PTI imran Khan aims at undermin­ing Pakistan through an IMF program for personal political gains. Through Bar­rister Ali Zafar, the founder of the party imran Khan declared, “We will write a let­ter to the IMF, urging them to refrain from lending to Pakistan in the next program”, Facing severe criti­cism internationally for sensationalizing Pakistan’s internal is­sues, the founder pti imran Khan may cause significant harm to the economy and citizens through such tactics. As Pakistan’s economy struggles, the the gov­ernment has secured multiple installments from the IMF through its efforts. Acknowl­edged by the public, the IMF loans have contributed to improv­ing Pakistan’s econom­ic situation.

The decision to write a letter to the IMF by the founder of the po­litical party could lead to severe economic and social consequences for Pakistan. It appears that the sole purpose of such letters is to cre­ate domestic headlines and add uncertainty and chaos, according to Hussain Haqqani Paki­stan ex ambassador for the United States who said this on x. Renowned eco­nomic analyst Farrukh Sal­eem says the letter by imran Khan to the IMF is beyond the scope and expertise of the IMF. It is worth consid­ering, “If petrol is at 500 ru­pees per liter, who will suf­fer? If it’s one dollar at 400 rupees, who will be affect­ed?” questions Farrukh Sal­eem. He further said the PTI founder’s intention with this letter is to damage Pa­kistan’s international cred­ibility and gain leverage at any cost. US based schol­ar Michael Kugelman in his comments on X says this type of letter will likely be overlooked and deemed in­significant. The PTI found­er’s perspective is extreme­ly alarming, considering Pakistan’s urgent need for new loans, and its absence could be detrimental to the economy, warns Michael Kugelman.

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