Pakistan must not miss ‘Green Hydrogen’ revolution in just energy transition: Experts

ISLAMABAD   -   The experts at the seminar on Green Hydrogen generation prospects to chip in just en­ergy transition in the coun­try emphasized that Paki­stan amid emerging trend of non-carbon eco-friendly fuels must not miss the op­portunity to achieve clean energy transformation. 

The Sustainable Develop­ment Policy Institute (SD­PI)’s Network for Clean En­ergy Transition (NCET) organized the seminar ti­tled “Public Private Dia­logue titled ‘Exploring the Potential of Green Hydro­gen in hard to abate Sectors of Pakistan” here. 

Dr Abid Qaiyum Suleri, Executive Director, SDPI in his opening remarks said the hydrogen as an ele­ment is highly reactive in nature that evades isolation in nature and forms bonds with other elements that is either carbon or oxygen that makes it complicated through its nature. 

Dr Suleri said, “Almost 90 million tonnes of carbon is produced annually in the world that causes 800 mil­lion tonnes of CO2 emis­sions to produce it. However, there is a worldwide debate on making it’s production eco-friendly but the amount of energy required for this is a cost intensive enterprise.”

He explained that hydro­gen was of different nature namely the blue hydrogen which was produced by split­ting methane gas molecules, the green hydrogen by water hydrolysis and the pink hy­drogen was created through nuclear energy source. 

The SDPI Executive Direc­tor underlined that that ma­jor challenge was the avail­ability of electrolyzers to produce hydrogen whereas the US was producing elec­trolyzers globally and re­gionally India and China were striving to produce ef­ficient hydrolyzers. 

Greenko, he said was an electrolyzer producing In­dian firm, the students and researchers working on the subject should explore its model to learn through it for efficient hydrogen pro­duction solutions.

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