Which new country Pakistanis can visit without a visa?

In a momentous step aimed at bolstering tourism and nurturing global connections, Kenyan President William Ruto declared that Kenya will be eliminating visa requirements for visitors from all countries starting January 2024.

This groundbreaking decision signifies a substantial departure from the previous system, which mandated most international travelers to secure a visa before arriving in the country.

Dispensing with the traditional visa application process, visitors will now obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) via a dedicated online platform. This streamlined procedure assures a faster and more convenient experience for travelers, doing away with physical forms, appointments, and potential delays.

Speaking at an event in Nairobi commemorating 60 years of independence from Britain, President Ruto underscored the profound impact of this policy shift.

“It shall no longer be necessary for any person from any corner of the globe to bear the burden of applying for a visa to come to Kenya,” he declared, signaling a historic shift in the nation’s approach to global tourism.

The tourism industry, a cornerstone of Kenya’s economy, stands to gain significantly from this policy change. With its scenic Indian Ocean coastlines and captivating wildlife safaris, Kenya has been a favorite destination for global travelers.

President Ruto’s visionary initiative aims to enhance the nation’s appeal, broadcasting a clear message to the world: “Kenya has a simple message to humanity: Welcome Home!”

Before this groundbreaking announcement, visitors to Kenya were subjected to the conventional visa application process. The transition to a digital platform is poised to simplify and expedite the entry process, making Kenya an even more attractive destination for tourists.

President Ruto’s audacious initiative not only revolutionizes Kenya’s entry procedures but also sets the stage for a new era of seamless travel within Africa. As the nation widens its doors, the global community eagerly anticipates the positive impact on tourism, trade, and cultural exchange.

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