Date a boy who isn’t tech savvy

Date a boy who isn’t tech savvy. Date a boy who thinks an apple is for eating and blackberries are for smoothies.

Don’t date a boy who needs the comfort of a stronger WiFi connection instead of a stronger relationship. When you want to wrap yourself in the wonder the of the dark blanket expanse above you, the starry dreams are not what he will see. Instead he will stoically sing a praise or two before rushing back to the coffee place that has an open network. Instead, date a boy who isn’t tech savvy. He will fall into the fractures of your story just as you fall into his. Fractures on his favourite gadget will not propel him into a perpetual abyss. He will laugh and cry as you take a million steps together. And his GPS won’t be tracking your every move.

Date a boy who isn’t tech savvy. Date him because he will not have the attention span of a dead goldfish. He won’t be found fiddling with the font or page size of his PDF reader. He won’t ever forget what running a finger over the page of a freshly opened book feels like.

Don’t date a tech savvy guy. He’s the guy whose entire life is transcribed into notes, lists, and appointments, on his tablet. He’s the same guy who, on a good day, will forget he’s wearing his shirt upside down, because, obviously, that was never on any list.

Date a boy who hates Twitter. Someone who doesn’t try to limit his affections to 140 characters.Someone who doesn’t need to limit his reactions to 140 characters.Find someone who couldn’t care less about Facebook. Date a boy who would rather look into your eyes than post a status about his own. He will be the guy who prefers real conversation to trophy arguments online. Date a boy who can string more than two sentences together expertly after you’ve spoken two complete volumes about your day. Don’t date a boy who needs to refer to the “Word Porn” page on Facebook to find you the perfect romantic word. Avoid the guy who stands speechless before you but has a penchant for stringing along a perfect story in another realm - the online world.

Don’t date a boy who is obsessed with hashtags. #He #Will #Annoy #You. While you’re letting slip pieces of your soul out into the open, he will be busy procuring traffic to his latest #Not #Funny #Post. Find a guy who doesn’t care about his updates. The one who doesn’t need to whip out his phone every time he feels a phantom vibration or hears a ringtone (even someone else’s). He will be the one that doesn’t tick like a nervous heroin addict anytime his phone’s battery dies. Date a boy who doesn’t dream of plugging his smartphone into his behind and running to Mount Everest only for a little extra battery life.

Date a boy who isn’t tech savvy. Who doesn’t need an emoticon to convey the depth of his feelings. Date a boy whose heart you can feel thumping away under your nervous and equally delighted palm. Find a boy who can see the fireburning bright and beautiful in your eyes, and doesn’t hesitate to explain to you exactly what he sees inside them. Look for the one who can read what’s on your mind faster than he can google what you’ve left behind.

Find a boy who isn’t addicted to his smartphone. While you’re sitting and wondering where he’s coming up with all those romantic lines from, he’s probably sitting on his throne in the loo coming up with all kinds of lovey-dovey sh*t.

Find a guy who isn’t tech savvy. Find someone who doesn’t need to plagiarise the words, lines, and feelings of authors long gone. Date a guy who isn’t tech savvy. He’s the guy that will stop and breathe before he creates galaxies and myths around his love for you. You could be his Queen and his Enigma all in one – without the interruption of Google.

Date a boy who isn’t tech savvy. Date him because he needs to live you just as much as you need to live him, too.

Hana Wali likes juggling her love for anime and all things sweet, with her interest in current affairs and social issues. She also writes for Khabaristan Times. For further banter please email her at Follow her on Twitter 

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