Acid attack victim battles for life

KARACHI - The status which a society accords to women has always been considered a pertinent yardstick to measure the standard of the civilisation and now, in present era, it is deemed to have achieved.
Women have remained in the limelight to assume the status of the society. Thinkers and philosophers of all ages have expressed various opinions to upgrade the position of woman.
Apart of this many laws of woman empowerment are framed in the constitution of Pakistan but sadly discrimination and petty tyrannies to which they have been subjected is a very sad chapter of human life.
Even today, the fight is not over. Acid attack on a 19-year-old girl, whose ex-fiancé threw acid on her, is one such example of male dominance over the woman gender.
Raheela came under brutal attack by her ex-fiancé Zeeshan Umar, alias Ali, who completed his training as a police officer and is sent for a remand (till August 3) by an ATC judge Bashir Khoso on the first hearing, but Raheela’s family feared that the accused might be freed by using his power.
Talking to The Nation, the victim’s uncle Javed said, “Raheela and Zeeshan got engaged one year ago and the engagement lasts for three to four months, after which Zeeshan used to threaten Raheela and her family to re-enact the relation otherwise they have to face worse consequences. Now he has proved his words and ruined the life of my nephew.”
“Police are not cooperating with us. They are letting him eat food with them. He is using his mobile phone in the police station and no one can touch him.”
“A day before Eid, my daughter was going to the market to apply mehndi and Zeeshan attacked her by throwing acid on her face when she was standing outside her house with her brother, carrying her six-month-old nephew. Now my daughter is on the ventilator and she spent her Eid in the hospital. Her face is completely burnt and her right eye is also damaged. She can only have a blur vision from her left eye. Her six-month-old nephew is also under treatment in Patel Hospital,” Abdul Raheem – father of the victim told The Nation.
The government high-ups comprising Saeed Ghani (Senator), Shehla Raza (Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly), Aslam Bhuttani (former speaker, Balochistan Assembly), Salik Bhuttani (MPA in Balochistan) and Ahmad Shah (president Arts Council Karachi) visited the hospital. Some of them talked to the family of the victim to encourage them and to inquire the condition of the patient on the second day of Eid. They have pledged full justice to the victim’s family.
Senator Saeed Ghani, who shared the grief of the family on call, while talking to The Nation said, “The criminal is already behind the bars and no mercy petitions will be granted to the culprit. We are standing behind the victim’s family. No one can stop them to raise their voice for justice and government will also take action against the threats given to the victim’s family, if the family will report the threats.”
Zafar Abbas – SHO, Mubina Town (where the FIR of the case is reported) assured that the accused will be treated in a way like other criminals are treated. “Though the accused was a police officer and most of his family members are also in police force but he will be treated impartially. We have charged his case under the section-324,” he added.
A growing and worrying trend of acid throwing attacks on women in Pakistan has seen a surge which left them with disfigured faces and blinded for life. The aforementioned case is one of those few cases which are brought in front of everyone with great courage (shown by the victim’s family). There are many other examples of such cases but government has failed to apprehend the culprits or stop this inhumane crime.

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