ECP directs polling staff to facilitate elderly, transgenders on polling day

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has directed its polling staff to ensure proper guidance and assistance to voters, especially to elderly, transgenders and pregnant women on the polling day on Wednesday.

The ECP directed polling staff to be punctual and perform their duties without any bias for or against any political party, electoral candidates, media outlets, inspectors or political parties’ representatives.

Presiding officers were directed by the ECP to only obey orders issued by the district returning officers or returning officers.

The ECP directed the polling staff to perform duties in accordance with the law and remain in contact with their superiors at all times.

If any official cannot perform their duties for any reason, he/she must inform their respective presiding officer without delay, who in turn will inform their returning officer.

Polling staff will not get involved in any political activity or campaign nor will they show their personal preference or bias while performing their duties.

Polling staff have also been asked not to wear the electoral sign of any candidate nor will they pin a badge of any political party.

The Commission has asked the polling staff to ensure the secrecy of the votes cast by voters.

It also asked the presiding officers to ensure the voting process in a smooth manner, while the polling staff, especially assistant presiding officers, will ensure assistance to their presiding officers until the completion of election results and during the packing of voting equipment. 

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