My talent isn’t going to suffer because of what size I am: Zara Noor Abbas

LAHORE-Pakistani film and TV actress Zara Noor Abbas has said ‘my talent is not going to suffer because of what size I am’.
During conversation with BBC, she spoke about how she faced body shaming and trolling at start of her career.
“The reason why I was ashamed of a lot of things was because of my body. I was body shamed for a very, very long time on social media of course,” she said.
“I had to block out of it because if I keep on listening to them then I am going to lose focus and people who say that I talk like Mahira, or I speak like Mahira, I think Mahira is an intelligent woman, so if they’re comparing me with her then I am glad of it,” Zara further added.
“I feel like Mahira Khan is one of the biggest stars in our country, she represented us globally, so anybody like her would be an asset to our industry.”
Talking about criticism, Zara said: “I think criticism always is very hurtful. I’ve met people who have come up to me and asked me to go for a liposuction and get a few parts of my body cut, but it has always hurt me, it has always made me cry and it has always made me sob about my identity.”
“There was a time in my life when I had to tell myself to stop and make it a point where I have to embrace myself and flaws not matter what size I am,” she explained.

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