Aleem calls for evaluation of institutions to ensure accountability

LAHORE   -  Isteh­kam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) Presi­dent Abdul Aleem Khan on Sunday called for a thorough evaluation of national institutions, advocat­ing for transformative changes to traditional procedures to ensure efficiency and accountability. Ad­dressing leaders at the party’s sec­retariat in Lahore, the seasoned politician asserted on the party’s commitment to crafting policies that focus on the long-term devel­opment and stability of the nation, as opposed to temporary and short-lived projects. He emphasised the urgency of steering the country in the right direction and building upon the principles laid down by Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal. “We cannot rely on temporary proj­ects; we need to take resolute steps towards the progress and stability of our beloved Pakistan,” added Mr Aleem. In a bid to address various aspects of life and foster inclusiv­ity, he announced the formation of working groups catering to dif­ferent sectors, including farmers, lawyers, students, women, and civil society. “We believe in unity and inclusivity. Together, we will strive to bring about positive change in every sphere of life,” President Al­eem Khan stated, underscoring the importance of collective efforts in driving the country forward.