PHA implements refund policy on Ombudsman’s directive

PHA spokesman tells that this policy aims to facilitate smooth conduct of wedding ceremonies and events in PHA-managed parks and grounds

LAHORE  -  Following the directives of the Ombudsman Punjab Maj (R) Azam Suleman Khan, the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) Lahore has implemented a policy for the refund of deposited amounts to ensure public conve­nience, institutional trans­parency and merit.

The PHA spokesman told media here Sunday that this policy, which came into effect on July 1, aims to facilitate the smooth conduct of wed­ding ceremonies and events in PHA-managed parks and grounds, ensuring that in­dividuals and organizations do not face any difficulties in reclaiming their depos­ited funds. He mentioned that in accordance with the ombudsman’s orders, the PHA Lahore has refunded an amount of Rs 35,000 to a citi­zen named Atif Riaz. The de­lay in the refund process led to disciplinary action being taken against the responsible senior computer operator Faisal Mahmood under the PEEDA Act, 2006. The then director (coordination) Mu­hammad Nadeem has been asked to provide an explana­tion regarding the delay.

The spokesman further announced that as a result of actions taken in response to public relief requests re­ceived by the Office of the Ombudsman Punjab, several projects have been complet­ed to improve the overall en­vironment in different areas.

Notably, the restoration of the sewerage line in Pak­pattan and the de-silting of a drain in Bahawalnagar has been successfully done. Additionally, a bridge and a drain has been construct­ed in Attock, leading to a cleaner and healthier envi­ronment for the locals. In a related development, the ombudsman’s office has interceded to ensure that WASA (Multan Develop­ment Authority) lays new sewerage lines in various areas, further enhancing the cleanliness and well-being of the local communities. 

As a result of these actions, individuals who sought re­lief through filing requests have collectively received financial relief amounting to Rs 57.612 million, concluded the spokesman.

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