Empowering teenagers

It will be very beneficent if teenagers are allowed to have their licence at the age of 16. The first reason for this is because many teenagers work and need to get to their jobs. For example parents may not always be able to drive their children to work. When 16 year old can drive, they are able to drive themselves to work and not very about how they will get there. The second reason why this is a good idea is because it gives parents a break from driving and reducing their stress.

Specifically when parents have multiple children in different schools having different activities, that teen can share the driving responsibilities by taking over the driving duty a one of the younger sibling. This greatly helps the parents who may not be able to be into places at the same time for pick and drop off. The last reason is that being able to drive at 16 fosters Independence and responsibility. For instance, the teenager is now able to go places on their own and do things for themselves such as going to the store in order to buy their school supplies or get new shoes. In conclusion, it is clearly advantages to many when teens are able to drive at the age of 16 that is as long they are responsible and abide by the rules of the road.



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