Mardan    -    Mayor Mardan Himayatullah Mayar on Thursday criticised the provincial government for curtailing the powers of mayor and tehsil chairman by amending the Section 23-A and 25-A, of the Local Government Act 2013.

Addressing the Tehsil Council Mardan session, he said, “According to the 2001 Ordinance and 2003 Local Government Act authority should be given to elected members.” He said that the developing countries focus on local government to improve democratic system. He argued that they are elected representatives and answerable to the public but without power we cannot serve our people.

Himayat Mayar said that people have expectations from the elected members but without authority we are not able to face them as well as cannot satisfy them. The government is violating the LG Act and Constitution, he claimed.

“We are going to start a movement against the provincial government from Mardan and we will hold a great convention in which all mayors and chairmen of other districts of the province will participate. A strong local government is necessary for progress, development and a better democratic system on local level,” he added.

Himayat Mayar said that sections 23-A and 25-A of the Local Government Act 2013 elaborate the powers of mayor and chairman. The provincial government, he said, has amended section 23-A and 25-A and reduced the power of mayor and chairman. He argued that it is a violation of article 148 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

Himayat Mayar argued that according to the law, the amended act cannot be implemented on the existing local government system. The existing local government system will work under the old act. Mayors and chairmen of other tehsils of the district also attended the session and expressed their views regarding strengthening of local government.

Later the elected members staged a protest rally outside the Commissioner Office against the provincial government.