Dialogues with banned TTP


ISLAMABAD    -   The opposition in the budget session yesterday asked the coalition government to take parliament into confidence about any progress in the talks between the government and banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

“In-camera briefing should be given to the parliament, in which any progress in the talks between the government and banned TTP should be shared,” demanded a senior opposition parliamentarian Dr. Fehmida Mirza from the coalition government.

She said that the government should stop the blame game and focus on current economic issues in the country. She said that there was a dire need to focus on water shortage and food insecurity related matters in the country. “The government should impose an education emergency in the country,” she said.

About the federal budget 2022-23, the opposition MNA said, the tax to GDP ratio should be enhanced by bringing more people into the tax net. She said those who are already paying taxes should not be overburdened. She said all the political parties will have to sit together in the national interest to tackle the current economic challenge.

PPPP MNA Agha Rafi Ullah, taking part in the debate, said that the coalition government has taken a decision to take the reins in a tough economic situation. “We have taken this decision to save the country,” he said.

Dr. Dashan from treasury benches argued that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was not ousted constitutionally. “Imran Khan was ousted constitutionally through a no-confidence motion,” he commented. He said that the agreement of Imran Khan’s government with the IMF should be shared with masses. About the budgetary proposals said poor fishermen of the coastal belt should be made part of Benazir Income Support Program. He also proposed to increase the EOBI pension. He said the minimum wage of twenty-five thousand rupees should be implemented in all departments.

About the previous government’s economic issues, MNA Rasheed Ahmad Khan said the previous government of PTI is responsible for current inflation in the country. He expressed the confidence that the coalition government will steer the country out of crises and take it on the path of development.

MNA Dr Mukhtar Ahmad, on his turn, said that the political stability is a must to ensure sustainable economic growth. He said the governance structure needs to be improved to take the country in the right direction. He said judicial reforms should be top priority to provide speedy justice to the common man.

The house also offered fateha for the departed souls of mothers of former President Asif Ali Zardari and former MNA Farooq Sattar.