I remember discussing with my grandmother in my childhood the role of girls in our society. She would always end up saying how difficult for girls to live in this society. And I would always disagree with her in this regard by telling her that in no way girls are inferior to boys. I used to tell her that girls can equally compete with boys in almost all spheres no matter, whether it is school, college, university, sports and so forth. I frequently argued with her concerning the role of women in society. However, with each passing day, I have been realizing what she was saying was right.

As with each passing day, I have been observing how it is arduous for women to live in this patriarchal society. Where they have to pay a heavy cost to live their own life. Further, they are bound to follow up so-called rules of the society where their own security is highly at stake. Women have to be subject to the ordeal of harassment at workplaces, schools, colleges and universities. Sadly, they have been seen as culprits if any horrific incident pertaining to their dignity happens. More desperately, they could not even take their own life decisions and if there emerges any independent woman asking for her rights, then people start badmouthing her.

The bitter reality is that most people do not see women as human. Women have to endure all the calamities themselves. Such as getting dowry has become the so-called necessity for a happy married life which must be fulfilled at every cost. If this condition does not listen from in-laws then the women have to forbear aftermaths in the multiple forms and amongst all domestic violence is the major horrible one in most the cases. Husbands keep on betting and torturing their wives even for their tiny mistakes. In most of the cases, men feel proud for doing this insanity and meanwhile, women have to hide all the miseries under the carpet in order to keep up their appearance in the society, if any woman appears to break this taboo and asking for equality then these women become the victim of terrible happenings.

The truth is that the role of women especially in third world countries has always been diminished. Masses do not seem to acknowledge the efforts of women, and they always try to minimize the roles of women in almost all influential sectors which will lead women to set their minds that their genuine struggle has not been encouraged and happily welcomed. So they subsequently ended up sitting at their homes and doing nothing but household chores. No doubt, women are born to be caretakers of the home but they can do wonders if they can be supported and encouraged in the external world as well.

We have been living in the 21st century and yet women are sadly not getting their fundamental rights. They still have not been treated equally and subject to gender biases and barely fulfil their very own dreams. Yet the good news is there is always room for improvement so we can our the part of women significant by treating them equally and acknowledging their substantial efforts.