Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari greeted the Hindu community on Holi at a public rally at Umer Kot today.

While addressing the gathering the PPP chairman said that the party manifesto is based on equality for all. “PPP does not believe in division of people on the basis of color, creed, race and religion,” he said. “We are supporters of the rights of minorities and the poor.”

Bilawal also pointed out that PPP government in Sindh has passed the Hindu Marriage Act which no other government has done. “It is for the first time in Pakistan’s 68 year long history that a government has passed this bill and given legal protection to the Hindu community,” he said.

Bilawal added that soon his party will pass a bill against force conversion of Hindus so that the community becomes stronger. “We are the only government which has announced a public holiday on Holi.

"PPP is transforming the country into Quaid’s Pakistan who always supported complete freedom for all the minorities.”

The PPP chairman said that the party will not allow any divides between poor and rich, minorities and majorities, Hindus and Muslims. “We will make a united Pakistan for all,” Bilawal claimed adding that “all minorities have equal rights and opportunities in all factions of life”

Bilawal urged other provincial governments to follow PPP’s lead in legislation for empowering minorities.

“If a Muslim can become a president in India, why can’t an individual from minorities become one in Pakistan,” he exclaimed.

“PPP is proud that Benazir was the first female Prime Minister in the Muslim world and this is because we believe in equality among all.”

Bilawal says Islam gives the message of equality for all members of a society. “This is an integral part of PPP’s manifesto.”

On March 16, the federal government passed a bill under which public holidays have been announced on Holi, Dewali and Easter and other festivals of religious minorities.