LAHORE - Following the recent announcement of its GDIB award win, country’s leading microfinance bank, FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd Pakistan has announced new benefits and policies for its team in Pakistan.

Health and safety - Prioritizing the health and safety of its employees in the current COVID- 19 scenario, FINCA introduces a hybrid working policy for its staff in the head office. Accordingly to the new program, employees will have the freedom to work for up to 4 days from home after approval from their managers. Apart from this, FINCA employees, can secure medical insurance at reduce rates for both parents. By paying as little as PKR 1000 premium, both parents can get hospitalization coverage up to PKR 250,000/ each.

Financial well being - In addition to providing a safe working environment, FINCA in order to ensure the financial well-being of its family, has introduce a number of new loan facilities for its employees; all employees are eligible to avail a personal loan up to 6 monthly gross salaries (capped at PKR 3 million) at a subsidized rate and payable in 12-36 months. In addition to this, employees also have the choice converting their future provident fund into a personal loan today. Capped at PKR 3 million, employees can avail the facility and pay back at subsidize rates to the bank.

Flexibility and mobility for female staff - For its female staff, FINCA now offers paid maternity leave of up to 3 months which can be availed twice during the employment tenure in the bank. FINCA has also introduced subsidized scooter loans for its female staff according to which female staff members can pay 50% of the price of the scooter and paying off the remaining amount in easy instalments in over 2 years.

Investing in the future of employees – FINCA in collaboration of leading commercial banks in the country, will offer easy home loans to its employees. Through these collaborations, employees as per their current salary ranges will be able to avail loans to build/renovate their dream homes and pay back the bank at subsidize rates.