‘We demand that

no-confidence motion should be completed constitutionally’

ISLAMABAD   -   Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said Wednesday that Prime Minister Imran Khan is ‘an animal’ and wants the law of the jungle in Pakistan. He went to say that Imran Khan was imposed on Pakistan to destroy its economy, politics and foreign policy.

“Imran Khan will be booted out through democratic means,” the PPP leader said this while addressing a public gathering in Dargai, Malakand in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. “I have come to you once again because we are combating a tyrant and a barbarian today.

We and our Jiyalas have been facing this puppet since the first day. We called him ‘selected’ in the parliament on the very first day, and that is his identity before the world now.”

“We will face this undemocratic person through democratic means,” he said. “We will treat the umpire’s finger with the thumb by voting. I will not use any undemocratic mean to drive this puppet out. I cannot attack any institution, nor will I go to the court in a black coat. I will not go to Gate no. 4.”

He said the opposition laid the foundation for the platform for PDM while ignoring our differences to chase him out through democratic means such as the bye-elections, Senate elections and the no-confidence.

Chairman Bilawal congratulated party workers and nation stating that Imran Khan had lost his majority and his government was going to ending. Imran Khan is now the ‘former prime minister’. Imran is a coward who is running from a challenge.

Imran is a rat. He calls himself ‘Khan’, how is he a Khan? Khans are brave and courageous. He can only be a Khan of Funny Gala.

We have submitted the no-confidence on 8 March and voting was to take place within seven days, the session had to take place within 14 days as per the constitution. This coward first attacked the parliament lodges and the Sindh House, and has now abrogated the constitution. Now, he is trying for the Speaker to be wrapped up in Article 6. “We challenge Imran Khan to stop running away and escaping and call a session tomorrow. He should try gathering of 172 members in the National Assembly (NA).”

He said that Imran accused Shehbaz Sharif of polishing boots when he himself had polished to the extent that no polish was left. Imran abuses with the same tongue that he uses to talk about Riasat-e-Madina. The state of Madina was based on justice and morals.

Now, Bilawal said, PM has tried to attack institutions. “He wants every institution to be like his Tiger Force. The people of Pakistan demand free and transparent elections. We will not let the no-confidence motion be rigged.

This is a test for the federation of Pakistan and neutrality. We demand that the no-confidence should be completed constitutionally. Imran Khan has lost every bye-election and local government elections. Imran Khan has to go for the country to progress.