LAHORE    -   Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) Punjab Vice Chairperson Dr Shahid Mehmood on Wednesday congratulated the nation on Pakistan Day and paid homage to all political leaders who had played their role in the struggle for a separate homeland for Muslims in the subcontinent. In a press statement issued here, he said “Pakistan day reminds us of the struggle of our elders for the movement and establishment of Pakistan and the sacrifices they made for it.” OPC Vice Chairman mentioned that on the same day in 1940, a resolution was passed to achieve Pakistan under two nation theory which formed the basis of our great homeland and now we are breathing in a free country. He said “On this day we have to renew our commitment to utilize all our energies for the achievement of the goals for which this country has been achieved.”  He further said that establishment of Pakistan is a great blessing from Allah Almighty, adding that “We as a strong nation have to build a leaden wall in front of our internal and external enemies to move Pakistan on the path of development.”