Convenient transport for women  

It is an undeniable fact that women in Pakistan have faced a wide range of challenges in various aspects of life, including social, cultural, religious, workplace, educational institutes, and even at home. One significant challenge that they face on a daily basis is transportation, which has become a serious issue for girls. The fear of sexual harassment, the stigma associated with interacting with unrelated men, logistical problems, and the lack of adequate seating for women in public places while commuting pose numerous obstacles to their education and work. They do not feel secure while using the current public transport system, which is not women-friendly and does not cater to their commuting patterns.

To address the challenges faced by women, the initiation of public transport exclusively for women is good news for the women of Hyderabad. The Government of Sindh has taken a significant step in ensuring their safety and convenience by launching the innovative and unique Pink People’s Bus Service, which is Pakistan’s first public transport service that caters exclusively to women at a reasonable fare and offers air-conditioned service. It is imperative that the government of Sindh initiates such steps in every district of Sindh so that every woman can benefit from it. Such small steps will go a long way in making women feel safe on the roads and increasing their productivity at work.



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