Moral Education is inevitable

Our religion Islam teaches us the highest level of morality. Although our society is becoming more and more unethical, uncivilized, insensible, and selfish. Dishonesty has prevailed in almost every field like education, politics, offices, etc. People are not interested in learning or understanding their peaceful religion Islam. 

They are just blindly following the disreputable trends or fashion without evaluating right and wrong in the light of the teachings of Islam. Piety has started vanishing from our society. People are afraid of their bosses, authorities, wealthy persons and treat them sincerely. But on the other hand, they do not consider poor people.

There should be proper management in educational institutes that should be responsible for teaching moral education to young ones. Because childhood is an age in which whatever we learn becomes a part of our personality forever. Our childhood teachings impact our practical life a lot. So lectures must be conducted in every class so that we can change the inaccurate direction of our youth and society.

Civil society organizations should stress the need for moral education in Pakistan. They should teach children the importance of honesty, morality, ethics, etc. In this way, we can contribute to correcting the diverted direction of our society.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt