PTI to challenge ECP’s decision in SC today

Asad Umar says election will be held on date given by President n Fawad demands imposition of Article 6 on five ECP members n Imran urges PTI Senators to join debate on elections in Parliament.


LAHORE   -   Pakistan Tehreek-e-In­saf (PTI) on Thursday announced that the par­ty would file a petition in the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday (to­day) to challenge the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) de­cision to put off Punjab Assembly elections.

The move comes a day after ECP deferred the Punjab Assembly elec­tions by more than five months to October 8 cit­ing security and funds shortage as reasons. Earli­er, the ECP had scheduled Punjab polls for April 30. 

Addressing a press conference here, PTI leaders including Asad Umar, Fawad Chaudhry and Ijaz Chaudhry said that PTI Chairman Im­ran Khan had decided that ECP decision would be challenged consti­tutionally. Ali Zafar will file a petition against the ECP decision in su­preme court of Pakistan today (Friday), they said. Also, Imran Khan has directed PTI sena­tors to join the debate on holding elections in Parliament. The PTI senators will defend the party position be­sides giving tough time to the government for delaying polls. 

Imran Khan has also decided to continue the election campaign, they added. Fawad Chaudhry said that en­tire nation received a ‘gift’ of violation of the Constitution on March 23. The Bar associations have rejected the ECP’s decision. Fawad said that Tehreek-e-In­saf will stand with legal fra­ternity in every movement of lawyers. The people of Paki­stan will reign supreme very soon, he added. Commenting on the ongoing joint session of Parliament, Fawad said that a joint session of Parliament was called to attack the Su­preme Court. There has been only one attack on the Su­preme Court in the history of Pakistan and the attackers are in the government, he alleged. This government is criticising three judges who had rejected the ruling of Qasim Khan Suri. Azam Nazeer Tarar should be hired as devil’s advocate. 

Fawad went on to say, the whole of Pakistan is demand­ing to impose Article 6 on the five members of the Election Commission. For the first time, a civilian government has tried to subvert the Constitution. The Election Commission’s de­cision has been rejected by all bar associations. The govern­ment ministers are so incom­petent that a 5-member bench was hearing the petition and they came out and said that the decision was in their favor 3 to 4. For the first time in the histo­ry of Pakistan, the ruling of the Deputy Speaker was annulled. 

Asad Umar said that the de­cision of the Election Com­mission had defied the Con­stitution and the law. In three courts, the Election Commis­sion took the position that the Election Commission can give the date of the elections. Lat­er, the Election Commission re­tracted its statements and pre­sented a new interpretation of the Constitution and decided a new date for elections. Asad Umar further said that the elec­tion would be held on the date given by the President of Paki­stan. “We are finding it difficult to understand that on what ba­sis IG Islamabad was awarded the Shujaat medal on Pakistan Day. If arresting workers and torturing them is considered to be the standard of bravery, then bravery medal awarded to IG Islamabad is justified. But for us the meaning of bravery is different.” Meanwhile, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chair­man Imran Khan Thursday de­manded that all the PTI work­ers arrested during last week in police crackdown should be released immediately. In a se­ries of tweets, he said that more than 740 unarmed PTI workers were arrested from Islamabad, Lahore and across the Punjab province. He said that these are poor people, many daily wage earners. “Cabal of crooks has no respect for sanctity of Holy month of Ramazan when peo­ple want to have security to fast and pray,” he said.

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