Social Champ gives back to community through philanthropic initiatives, mentorship programmes

Lahore- Social Champ, the Martech startup providing social media management solutions, is breaking new ground in corporate social responsibility and setting an example for other businesses. As part of its social responsibility commitment, Social Champ partnered with Pledge1% to dedicate its time and product to various philanthropic causes. By giving back, Social Champ is ensuring that its success has a positive impact on society. “Even before Social Champ, I was committed to giving back to society, especially the university that gave me my two co-founders by volunteering and training students on behalf of Microsoft, Nokia, and now Meta (Facebook). However, with Social Champ, we had the opportunity to give back on a bigger scale, so since its inception, we decided to make policies that would help us do so. Apart from partnering with Pledge1%, we are also committed to regularly helping those who cannot afford social media management with discounts & cut-offs, especially after the pandemic. This has enabled us to stay humble in the face of hardships and maintain scalable success,” said Sameer Ahmed, CEO of Social Champ. The company is also committed to mentoring and supporting the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. Khan is a mentor at the Founders Institute, where he helps entrepreneurs launch successful startups. 

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