KARACHI - Following the reported killing of Mulla Akhter Mansour, the local lawmen raided his apartment in the capital and nailed six suspects for having links with the Taliban.

The security personnel launched the raid at Flat B-16, Bismillah Terrace in the Pushtoon-dominated Sohrab Goth. Three of the arrested were named as Jabbar, Yousuf and Bashir.  Jabbar remained in touch with the Taliban chief, – reported to have been killed in drone attack in Balochistan. The suspects were shifted to an undisclosed location for interrogation.

Residents of the area said that Wali ( believed to be Taliban chief Mullah Mansour) used to live in the same apartment but rented out the flat to Muhammad Shahid a couple of month ago.  Shahid told investigators that he had met Wali when he took the apartment on rent and since then he had been paying the rent to state agent Yasir Arafat. Yasir told the lawmen that the deceased used to come to get the amount after three or four months.